The men, the myth, the melodies.  The Rosedales are a legendary force in the pantheon of horror rockers like The Damned, Ghost and the one and only Misfits.  After playing dozens of live shows in Chicago, The Rosedales look forward to the release of new music in the coming year that will surely blow the top off your pumpkin.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.


Vocals, Guitar / Rip Fantom
Vocals, Bass / Mark Danger
Guitar / Johnny Krypt
Drums / Christian Danger



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Frozen Ghost vodka was inspired by a ghost story of a guy named Tobias. Tobias was a farm owner who had the sweetest and most pure spring water in the area. A jealous neighbor ended up killing Tobias one winter night and throwing his body in the water which froze over. Of course, Tobias began haunting the man who confessed and the body was found. The vodka uses water from that lake.  Unfortunately, this vodka disappeared from liquor store shelves in 2011.  We could have turned our song of the same name into a drinking game.  Gone too soon!